2nd Circle


amazing resource, beautiful site for community building. where it's at.


a brand-spanking new online quarterly, opening doors and kicking down ivory towers.


resource for writers. info on literary magazines.


it’s a reading. it’s a hardcopy mag. online forum. art gallery. if websites were people, this would be Martha Stewart…in prison…at shower time. multi-tasking, talented at everything. seems dignified, until you notice a “Fuck The Man” ballpoint ink and guitar wire tramp stamp. goes from nude to raw dirty naked. empire building masterminds with hearts and ideals of the downtrodden everyman golden Beat.


bringing artists, writers, musicians, and all world changing dreamers together. community builders and workhorse visionaries.


he’s a mainstay in the Dallas scene. this site showcases his many talents and documents the local art/literary/music community. years of projects and tireless support of  the local scene make this an amazing site.


when you need to know what's going on, go here.


sexiest bookstore in town. instructors in making dreams come true.


sitting next to the sexiest bookstore in town, is the hottest venue in town. theatre restored and run by Jeff Lyles, great music, art, and poems.


created by the late poet Robert Trammell, an organization designed to support poetry and poets. keeping alive the love of words.


dedicated to all things written. sponsors, features, and coordinates readings and events for important contemporary writers. community

programs (WITS), workshops (fiction and poetry), and resources for writers and audience.


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